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We are pleased to announce that the International Symposium on Origin of Matter and Evolution of Galaxies (OMEG 2017) will take place at Hotel ICC in Daejeon, Korea, June 27-30, 2017. This symposium is the 14th symposium of the series, started in 1988, on nuclear astrophysics and related fields. OMEG 2017 will provide a melting furnace of physics, astrophysics, astronomy, cosmology, and related fields to enhance our understanding of origin of matter and evolution of universe.

Topics to be covered include

• Big Bang Cosmology and Primordial Nucleosynthesis
• First Generation Stars and Galactic Chemical Evolution
• Astronomical Observations with Light, X-Ray, Gamma-Ray, and Cosmic-Ray
• Stellar Evolutions and Hydrostatic Burning Processes
• Experimental Nuclear Physics for Astrophysics
• Theoretical Nuclear Physics for Astrophysics
• Explosive Stellar Objects and Nuclear Physics
• Meteorite Analysis and Isotopic Abundance
• Nuclear Matter and Neutron Stars
• Nuclear Data for Astrophysics and Related Topics
• Underground Nuclear Astrophysics
• Next generation RI Beam Facilities for Nuclear Astrophysics

Important Dates

• October 24, 2016: Second circular
• December 1, 2016: Registration and abstract submission open
• March 26, 2017: Registration and abstract submission closed
• April 21, 2017: Final circular


International Advisory Committee

C. Bertulani (Texas A&M)
M. -K. Cheoun (Soongsil U.)
K. I. Hahn, (Ewha Womans U.)
W. Haxton (UC Berkeley)
S. Jeong (RISP, IBS)
Y. Kim (CUP, IBS)
T. Kajino (U. of Tokyo)
B. -C. Koo (Seoul Nat’ U.)
S. Kubono (RIKEN)
K. Langanke (GSI)
G. Mathews (U. of Notre Dame)
T. Motobayashi (RIKEN)
K. Nomoto (IPMU)
X. D. Tang (IMP, CAS)
F. K. Thielemann (Basel U.)

Program Advisory Committee

S. Jeong (RISP/IBS, Chair)
T. C. Beers (U. of Notre Dame)
M.-K. Cheoun (Soongsil U.)
K. I. Hahn, (Ewha Womans U.)
J. J. He (NAO, CAS)
R. Hirschi (U. of Keele)
Y. S. Lee (Chungnam Nat' U.)
M. Smith (ORNL)
I. Tanihata (BUAA/Osaka U.)
N. Tominaga (Konan U.)
H. Yamaguchi (CNS)
S.-C. Yoon (Seoul Nat’ U.)

Local Organization Committee

K. Chae (Sungkyungkwan U.)
K. Cho (KISTI)
C. H. Hyun (Daegu U.)
S. C. Kim (KASI)
Y. Kim (RISP, IBS)
K. Kwak (UNIST)
Y. K. Kwon (RISP/IBS)
C.-H. Lee (Pusan Nat’ U.)
S. C. Yang (KASI)


Dates: from 27 June 2017 09:00 to 30 June 2017 18:00
Timezone: Asia/Seoul
Location: Hotel ICC, Daejeon, Korea
4-29 Doryong-dong, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, Korea; Tel +82 42)866-5000~5003
Material: circular