Bs → J/ΨΦ analysis using
di-muon and two track Trigger

Last updated OCT 10, 2011

1. Introduction
The experimental study of the CP violation in B0s → J/ΨΦ is a very promising process to test the new physics.
The presence of a sizeable CP-violation phase in the B0s$(B!](B$(BN/(BB0s meson system would be an unambiguous signal of physics beyond the Standard Model. For the precise determination of the CP violation parameters it is very important to use all the possible experimental stastistics currently available at the CDF experiment. Indeed the CDF experiment provides several dedicated triggers, which can be used for this particular channel selection. The present note describes the statistical and complementary significance of the two track trigger (also called hadron trigger) with respect to the dimuon trigger used so far to study the CP Violation in the B0s → J/ΨΦ.

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